Step IQ

Step growth comes from fully exploiting your growth capability.

Step IQ™ is how to measure growth capability.

Step growth comes from fully exploiting your growth capability.
StepIQ™ is how to measure capability.

Step growth is the kind of unusual growth that makes a company standout and what shareholders and investors look to achieve in their time in charge of a business. To practically deliver that step in revenues, we use marketing to exploit where a business’ growth capability is strong and at the same time identify areas that can be improved.

StepIQ is broken down into three growth dimensions; Speed, Strength and Direction and those dimensions made up of ten elements.

A StepIQ is simple and effective to use

Each element is made up of a series of questions that you score your company on. Each score is out of 10 and weighted according to impact on growth capability. You are then scored on each element, each dimension and your overall growth capability.

The purpose of the score is to identify strengths and weaknesses in the company’s growth capability and inform the marketing strategy to meet the growth demands.

How we typically use StepIQ to build a strategy and execution plan for your step growth:

First we evaluate your business giving you a Step IQ of between zero and one hundred, based on the 10 critical success factors. We evaluate your position against your business plan, your ambitions and using research data benchmark your opportunity and goals against the wider market place

Based on your StepIQ™ we write a custom growth strategy which will help specifically move the dials that are relevant to your business value and revenue expectations. Importantly the step growth process is something we do with you and not to you, so action plans exist for our team and yours.

We (jointly) create an execution plan which will deliver the growth, with clear, tangible results and outcomes:

Intangible value
B2B brand development
Vision development
Value proposition development
Training and mentoring: social, marketing, channel, brand, sales
Reputation management (for executives and business)
Business planning and investment support
Lead generation
Creative communications development
CRM implementation
Customer opportunity analysis Market potential analysis
Social selling
Market outreach
Campaign planning and execution

The strategy, execution plan and your StepIQ are reassessed monthly / quarterly to ensure growth ambitions are being met and the company’s capability is improving. We assess the metrics of the growth campaign(s) on a daily / weekly basis and iterate as we learn.