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We’re a marketing agency specialising in accelerating growth for investment-backed B2B companies. If you need to meet a revenue expectation, want to boost the investment value of your company or are growing to a deadline, we can help.

Value Proposition Development

A clear value proposition is critical to uniting your company around a common cause. It provides a compelling customer benefit and forms the basis of everything you do.
Ours is:

‘We make companies more valuable’

About Powershift

Powershift is an agency owned and managed by strategic marketers, agency leaders and technologists, specialising in creating value in the UK’s burgeoning mid-sized market. We all have experience of growing, buying and selling companies, out of these experiences we created Powershift.

Powershift is an agency specifically designed to meet the needs of those working toward a financial event. Businesses that have bigger, scarier, more exceptional growth ambitions than we’ve ever seen. Doing what we’ve always done and expecting to compete is no longer possible.

What We Do

We work with Investors, CEOs, Execs and Marketing teams to deliver the strategy, tools, insight, methods and actions to achieve step growth to your timeframe.

If you’d like to know more we’d be happy to talk; online, on the phone or face-to-face, just get in touch. Or if you’d like to watch from the sidelines for a while follow any of our social media channels for the latest updates.


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StepIQ™ – Score Your Company’s Growth Potential

Free access to our growth analysis tool for B2B companies. Analyse, measure and chart your progress as you sharpen your step growth capability using our online tool.

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