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How thought leadership can increase the value of your business


Personal Authority

Trust me I’m a doctor. Thought leadership for execs brings authority, gravitas and networking opportunities that regular marketing can’t replicate.

Sales Support

When products or services are similar, B2B buyers make logical, evidential decisions. Thought leadership dramatically reduces risk in the buyer’s mind.

The Very Best SEO

Unlike advertising, thought leadership becomes positive, long-standing sediment for search engines. Valuable for years to come.

C-Level Access

Talking to each floor of your customer’s building,. Thought leadership gets buy-in throughout a prospects’ business – makes selling easier.

Balance Sheet Benefits

People talking about you and your products is the magic ingredient to closing sales. ROI on thought leadership is counted in £m not £000s.

B2B Technology Products and Services are Rarely Bought by Just One Person

To fully engage with a customer account it is often necessary to have buy-in at each level of the organisation. Each layer has different goals, fears, requirements and prejudices.


Crafting messaging across all these audience strata is necessary to help the sales team and pave the way for long term strategic selling and growth.

Thought Leadership In Numbers


of B2B technology buyers believed Thought Leadership was important or critical to their buying decision

Source: The Channel Partnership & LinkedIn 2015

of B2B marketers fail to connect their content marketing to business value

Source: Forrester Research 2014

of the B2B buyer’s journey is completed before the buyer talks to sales

Source: The Corporate Executive Board 2014

We work across a number of media and technologies for our clients.

A different approach to audience gets different audience results

We spend a great deal of time researching, profiling and mapping audiences for our clients. These ‘Audience Universes’ may be made up of a few hundred decision makers, influencers & stakeholders or many thousands.

We craft messaging and communications down to individual level in order to optimise the outcome of a campaign. By using different mixes of telephone, email, social, person-to-person, events, traditional mail, advertising and mobile marketing channels we tailor campaigns to deliver the most effective sales outcome and create the maximum amount of credibility in the mind of the audience.

We never hard sell, bully, generalise, spam, mass-anything, insult or underestimate the intelligence of our client’s audiences. If a communication isn’t interesting and valuable to the audience it doesn’t happen.

Trust is the currency of B2B relationships and we believe marketing is a critical part of the value in that relationship.